Experience Japanese Cooking, Home Visit & Market Tour

Experience and tour

I’m sorry to tell you that I’m not running this tour at this moment

Why don’t you join a Japanese Lunch cooking class ? You can have experiences not only Japanese cooking but also Japanese culture through this class.

Japanese cooking class

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About the web master (cooking teacher)

Hello there,
This is Ikuyo here. I have lived in Nara city,Japan for more than 30 years.
I run my own website “COOL NARA GUIDE” and  below
Japanese cooking class (Lunch cooking,Home visit & Market tour)
Cool NARA Secret Walk Tour

Let’s enjoy with a local ! One of my assistants sometimes joins us.

About Japanese cooking class

If you stay in  Nara, Kyoto or Osaka, this class is available to join for one day trip. If you want, you could visit Nara park after the class. Nara park is 10 min. by train from my station.

■To get to the meeting place of this class (my station)
10 min.from Kintetsu-Nara station by train.
30 min. from Osaka-Namba station by train
60 min.from Kyoto station by train

Experiences you can have in this class

  1. Discover Japanese produces & seasonings at a supermarket with the host.
  2. Home visit
  3. Explore Japanese style rooms
  4. Cooking class

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Experience at a supermarket

I explain Japanese original produces and basic seasonings. Discover what Japanese people eat in their daily life.

Learn about Soy sauce, Miso, Kelp, Dried bonito,green tea etc.

If you want to buy something Japanese like, I help you buy them with a good advice.

Home Visit

Have a cooking class at a house I live. The house is located in a residential area of Nara city. The place is very quiet and you could relax.

Explore Japanese style rooms

Japanese Tatami mat rooms, Japanese ornament, Fusuma and shoji door, Tokonoma, Kakejiku, Go and shogi board(game of GO,Japanese chess) etc.

Japanese Cooking Class

Japanese cooking class

Japanese cooking class

Process of cooking

(1) Make ” Dashi ” or Japanese broth, and Miso soup.
(2) Day’s main menu for lunch
(3) Japanese Omelette (Dashimaki Tamago)
(4) Octopus & Squid Shaped Sausages

You can enjoy variety of Tofu, too. Lunch type and ingredients are vary.


Japanese mothers often make character homemade lunch for their children.

If you are interested in them, you can try them using tools. The cooking time might be longer than expected based on your pace.

Japanese cooking class
Octopus & Squid Shaped Sausages

Japanese cooking class
Japanese Cute Lunch Plate

Japanese cooking class
Japanese Bento Lunch Box

Japanese cooking class
Japanese Bento Lunch Box

Japanese cooking class
Enjoy cooking by your own ! I help you cook a Japanese Lunch.

Japanese cooking class
Learn food presentation (food plating technique )

Japanese cooking class
Octopus & Squid Shaped Sausages are popular for Japanese Bento lunch box.

Japanese cooking class

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The host offers ” COOL NARA SECRET WALK TOUR ” ,too.
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Experience and tour
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